Translated Tove Jansson’s biography with Jun Igarashi.

トーベ・ヤンソン評伝邦訳 Tove Jansson's biography translation 2013 September I translated Tove Jansson’s biography written by Tuula Karjalainen together with Jun Igarashi, in relation to Tove Jansson’s centinery. ”Tee työtä ja rakasta” (Tammi) into Japanese. This was published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha. A special exhibition held in Finland also circulated Japan in 5 different art museums. ISBN-10: 4309206581 ISBN-13: 978-4309206585

Coordinated the whole book about Finnish elementary school pupils’ life.

世界の小学生(学研) フィンランド Finnish elementary school kids' life 2012 We coordinated the whole project for this book. The book is about elementary school pupils’ normal life in Finland. We chose a girl and a boy in Western Finland area. In addition, there was a visit to Urasenke tea room for a traditional tea ceremony in Suomenlinna fortress, etc.

5 books coordinated for X-Knowledge Co.,Ltd.

XKnowledge Magazine books coordination etc. Xknowledge Co.Ltd. ”World showwindows 145 -ideas for establishing shops-” (2009) We coordinated, shot pictures and wrote articles for Finnish part. ”World interior with cats” (2009) We coordinated, shot pictures and wrote articles for Finnish part. ”Ultimate flower arrangement -world top 10 florists’ tutorial-(with DVD)” (2009) We coordinated and wrote articles […]

Co-authored book with Sachiko Kutuke.

共著を出版しました。 Co-authored book released. 2009 April 靴家さちこさんと共著にて『住んでみて分かった本当のフィンランド』(グラフ社)を出しました。 Together with Sachiko Kutuke, we wrote a book titled ”Sundemite wakatta hontou no Finrando (The real Finland that you find out only by living there)” (Graph sha) ISBN-10: 476621241X